About Us

About Us

Innova enables enterprises to accelerate business transformation and agility by building on investments in custom developed vertical applications and implementation of software business solutions. While innovation and building new competencies is key to market competitiveness and differentiation, implementing integrated solutions for end-to-end business processes and activities is critical for improving enterprise performance.

Innova is engaged in Software development & IT consultancy Services to Government organisations, Education organisations & Corporate domain from the year 2003 onwards.

Drawing on 16+ years of experience working across major industry verticals and technology platforms, we develop and implement new-age applications - custom software or SaaS, to solve the most challenging IT problems industry leaders face today.

Our Vision

Super Coding

Use of advanced algorithms with user-friendly interfaces enable reliable applications and optimal results.

Best User Interface

Reach out to your target audiences with easy to use and easy to navigate interfaces..

Easy to Customize

Make changes in the website whenever you want to, even if you are not a technical master.
Integrity and Honesty

We are not just leaders in innovation, but also strive to become an honest, transparent and ethical service provider. To that end, we make clear all our work methodologies and costs to our clientele. Not a single price is kept hidden from you, as we believe in creating and maintaining lasting relationships, garnered from sincere dealings. You may be enthralled by the extremely low prices offered by some of our competitors, but we do not promise low and then raise the prices. With client satisfaction as top priority, we give our utmost importance to your project. We will do you a stupendous job so that you do not have to think of another service provider when it comes to get your work done.

Customer Services 24/7

At Innova, we are bent on providing holistic client service so that each and every one of our clients can galore in success. Equipped with a complete package of experienced and trained professionals, we can ensure surefire online success for your business. Thanks to the dedication of our staff, we can promise on-time delivery of project and that too with proficiency written all over the end product. Careful listening and respect for the clients are the pillars of our work culture. When we feel that a certain aspect needs your attention, we do not waste time to communicate with you. Share your feedback with us and we will be too happy to make the necessary changes. Just call us or send us a mail and we will be at your beck and call.

Culture & Initiatives

Innova is one place where each and every employee shares a common passion - the craving to attain thought leadership through our approach and work quality. We maintain a strong work life balance and grow with experiences assembled. Whatever we do, we do it together! Be it a celebration for a success or learning after a phase of failure, we believe that the individual’s idea can help us grow as a team. Thus, Our aim to cater to the needs of the society are driven by a desire to do something for the society and return it in the best form. We are endeavouring to deliver the most appropriate response to the society through charitable activities.