Innova’s out-and-out digital services uniquely cater to various industry needs. Irrespective of the type of industry your business belongs to, we design solutions that appeal to your customers with precision. Retail or manufacturing, you can approach us for any industry. From small business enterprises and start-ups to established organisations, we stand by our partners throughout their ongoing projects and even after that. Our in-house professionals strive to understand your industry and its trends to make sure that you receive tailor-made services. Through accepted design standards and testing we create custom web applications that are up and running from the very first day. You may opt for our Internet marketing solutions, business intelligence and suchlike. We guarantee that your business will be in safe hands.


Government & PSUs

The government sector has unique needs when compared to the private sector. Partnering with local and national government, our specialists have come to gain holistic knowledge about the specific requirements of the public sector. Whether it is about designing, developing, promoting your business or even protecting data, we are the go-to destination.



Innova believes in utilising technology to proffer an end-to-end, bespoke education solution. Right from course curriculum management and learning schedule, to admission process, examinations, online classes, admin panel and marksheet maintenance, we can offer support in each and every step through an advanced, centralized content management based solution.



Our web application solutions are the perfect life support system for a manufacturing facility that needs many interfaces to simplify pull performance graphs, supply chains, drive improvements and leverage bottlenecks. Explore our web application services for the manufacturing industry to enjoy quick turnaround time, accuracy and customer retention, thus boosting sales.



Innova introduces you to web application solutions that improve your performance, help in cutting transportation costs, keep track of your staff’s activities, increase customer satisfaction level and making inventory management simpler than ever before. Take real-time action in a competitive market and ensure a high-speed process execution, besides greater control over supply chain.



Connect to your existing point of sale and have ample control over the content and look of the website with our custom-made solutions pertaining to the payment system, cart, etc. Identify your customers’ needs with our data analytics solutions and strengthen collaboration with not just the end users, but also with the supply chain team.


Service Industry

Our dedicated web application development team creates custom web applications with flawless user experience and reliable performance. We resort to detailed and skilful architecture planning to inculcate balance in stability and interactivity. Be it database development, front- or back-end development, we impart a distinct and clear-cut logic to each and every aspect.



If you wish to thrive in the cut-throat competition of the hospitality industry, our modular, scalable, responsive and web-friendly site development sites are what make you adorable to your target audiences. Our solutions include custom booking engine, a complete backend admin panel, pages for offers and integration of calendar, table reservation, ERP and more.